David Hotz is a community organizer from Romulus, Michigan. Much of his focus is on public education, ethics, healthcare, and promoting Democratic values. As a strong working class progressive, David believes all Americans should be provided the skills and opportunity to rise above their financial status. He wants real investments in Wayne County residents to improve their quality of life for themselves and their families. 

In August of 1978, David Hotz was born at Garden City Hospital. David was just one year old when his  father tragically passed away from a water related accident. His mom used to run office operations at a construction company. She is currently disabled with Lupus and lives with David in Romulus.

In 2005, David put family first by becoming a Home Healthcare Provider. Even with extra responsibilities at home, he pursued opportunities. In 2012, it was time for a new role as Owner/Operator. David started up a small computer repair company in Garden City, Michigan. In 2016, he closed the doors to spend more time with the family and pursue new goals. 

  • Treasurer of the Romulus Democratic Club
  • Regional Organizer for Michigan for Single Payer Healthcare
  • Precinct Delegate
  • Political Consultant
  • Community Organizer
  • Public School Security Officer

David's political life started volunteering for Bill Clinton's successful re-election bid. Doing ground level work like knocking doors and making phone calls. He participated in helping every Democratic Presidential Candidate since. After the aftermath of 2016, David realized we needed more people involved in local ground level organizing. He became a political consultant and joined the Romulus Democratic Club.

For the last 3 years, David has taken on new roles such as a Regional Organizer for Michigan for Single Payer Healthcare and the Treasurer of the Romulus Democratic Club. He has managed and consulted for a number of Democratic candidates throughout Michigan. He spent the last couple of years working in security including time as security at the Romulus High School.