"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little. "

Franklin D. Roosevelt



Michigan roadways ranked among the worst in the county. Wayne County should lead on using new innovation to find long term solutions to our deteriorating roads and bridges. Fixing the roads are a priority, but we cannot neglect our electrical, sewer, water, or internet network. We need not just the repairs, but the modernization of our entire infrastructure. This may take time, but it would improve economic growth, job creation, improve safety, and improve our overall quality of life. Investing in solar street lights would save tax payer dollars and reduce stress on our energy grid. We Can Do Better!


March, 7th 2019, our current Wayne County Commission voted no to allow the video taping of our commission meetings. After pressure, cameras are expected to be implemented in the future, but we can do better. It's vital that we elect leaders who support full access and transparency into each vote and every dollar spent. Wayne County Commission should also have rotating meeting times to accommodate residents who work daytime jobs. Our next commissioner must do more to make him/her more available to the public and put their needs before their own. We Can Do Better!


As your County Commissioner, I will combat current and future projects that pose an environmental danger to our community. Romulus has the deep water wells, Van Buren hosts one of only seven facilities in the country that handles extremely toxic materials, and Wayne County's air pollution impacts our poorest communities. Michigan is a beautiful state that accepts trash from other states/countries, sells our water, and needs do more to provide safe clean water to residents. It's time to lead on clean water innovation and bring green jobs to Wayne County. We Can Do Better!


I applaud that Wayne County begun to do more for veterans, but we can always do more. As your County Commissioner, I would like to create a new jobs program and find new ways to help those in need. We should ensure that taxes don't increase and that we have enough affordable low maintenance housing for seniors. We Can Do Better!


Working with police and fire departments throughout the district is a priority. We will ensure they have the tools required to protect and serve our communities. I will work to continue making human trafficking a priority and bring mental healthcare to treat instead of incarcerating our mentally ill. As a former member of a security team within the Romulus Public Schools, I've learned the value of a safe environment for our district. We Can Do Better!