Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and taking the time to educate yourself on the best choices for the Wayne County Commission. Before you make your final choice, allow me to provide some helpful information and offer a few critical questions before casting your ballot. 


If you have not mailed your absentee ballot, drop off the ballot at your clerk's office. Major delays in our postal system may cause late arrivals. We want your vote to count regardless of how you vote. 

When you consider who is the best option, can you find a website and platform? If they don't have either, how are they educating voters what their plans for the future are? Let's not get taken for granted by just a name or past experience. 

Especially now, during a pandemic, how will a candidate communicate with constituents? Will they use social media? Do they even have social media? Will they wear a mask and lead by example? 

Does the candidate display more action than bluster? It's easier to say you support a cause than fight for it. I hope we elect free thinking leaders who will stand on a line for you, even if you didn't vote for him/her. 

When our campaign talk about being more accessible, we have been putting out public information in the social media groups and answering questions to constituents. This should have already been happening and not from a candidate. People are concerned with Covid 19, their employment, their business survival, and safety for their families. If elected, I'm hoping to set up a local office and have the commission do rotating meeting times. Every other week, we should have an evening meeting so working people can attend and provide public comment. If I am fortunate to serve our communities, you will see and hear from me much more often. 

I do want to thank everyone that contributed to the campaign in any form. We are a relatively poor campaign who didn't hound people for dollars. So many from the area are out of work or struggling. I'm a working class candidate who would value and earn every dollar of a commissioners salary. Would be content doing the work for less, because the job is more about creating a better future for my son and his future family. This campaign was never about the present, but the future.